270. And now I’m two days late…

Dear Ones:

As you know, these Posts normally are published on Fridays. Last Saturday I told you I was a day late because I’d had a virus (non-Covid) all week.

This time I’m two days late, so I should have an even better excuse. And I do! The virus worsened, and I went into the hospital Tuesday night with pneumonia. I came home yesterday and am slowly doing better. God is good. But wow! that stuff really takes the wind out of one’s sails, both physically and even mentally – especially at my age.

So this week I’ll try to get my mind together and get writing again.

Please say a prayer for all our health care workers. Such caring dedicated people!

with love in Χρ to you all,

Father Bill


7 thoughts on “270. And now I’m two days late…

  1. Fr. Bill, sorry to hear that you became so ill. Perastika sas – we pray for your complete recovery. As a health care provider and priest, I know what you speak of, and our paryers are needed for all concerned, providers and patients alike. Please take care of yoursel and allow yourself the time to recover and gain your strength. No need to apologize for any lateness – after all, you were going to write about your last trip to Greece and could easily have claimed that you were posting on “Greek time.” God Bless you and give you strength. +Fr. Emanuel

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