I am Father Bill Olnhausen, Pastor Emeritus (that means “retired”, as if clergy ever really retire) of Saint Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. That’s a sufficient biography for now. You’ll learn too much about me if you keep reading the Blog.

I began this Blog in 2017 wanting chiefly to tell you about my many strange and wonderful series of experiences with two saints, Saint Nicholas and Saint Nektarios, first in Greece and then later here in Wisconsin.

I visited Greece twelve times, so these “Orthodox travelogues” are scattered through many Posts, and I’m going to run out of them pretty soon. The rest of the Blog goes off in many directions, the result of what I’ve learned and experienced in my 82+ years.

My intent is to be both strictly Orthodox and totally charitable, so if I write anything un-Orthodox, inaccurate, uncharitable, nasty or just stupid, please correct me.

I’m posting once a week, usually on Fridays. Since this is often a continuing narrative, posts are numbered so you can find your way around more easily.

For any non-Orthodox readers who stumble upon this Blog: I’m trying to remember to define any terms you don’t understand. If I miss anything, just ask, as I had to do many years ago. Also, if any of you are perplexed by all our talk talk about saints: For Orthodox Christians, saints (God’s “holy ones”) are just our family, whether on earth or in heaven. They don’t distract us from God. They lead us to God. They are family, and we’re not surprised if a few of them drop in on us now and then. Just read along. It will come clear.