418. This is not the Friday September 15 Post.

Various matters have kept me from working on that Post, especially spending a lot of time with one of our best friends who is dying. That takes precedence.  Please say a prayer for Cal, that his departure from us may be peaceful.

Anyway, this Post is only about half done. This Saturday and Sunday will be no less busy, because of Cedarburg’s Wine and Harvest Festival, at which time we open Saint Nicholas Church for visitors to come and see what Orthodoxy looks like. Cal loved helping to man the church. He had volunteered this weekend. Aww… I’m going to fill in for him.

Part Two of “What’s missing in the Creed” will appear next Friday.

Father Bill

One thought on “418. This is not the Friday September 15 Post.

  1. God Bless you brother, and may he guide Cal on his journey to His Heavanly Kingdom in peace.

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